Celebration agenda for 2013

It’s a new year and I hope you all had wonderful Christmas and New Year celebrations!

I’ve started thinking ahead to what is on our celebration agenda for 2013 and I thought I’d share what’s on our plan for the year!

Coming up first is my nephews First Birthday. My sister wants a Winnie the Pooh theme for him and I’ll be trying to help her out a bit with the decorations. I have two girls so it will be fun to help out with a boy’s theme party for once =)

I’ve started a little bit of searching online already for a nice Winnie the Pooh printable/invite set of which there doesn’t seem to be many!

I’m liking the classic and cute look of this one:


Classic Winnie the Pooh printables - KWP Creations


Also loving these toppers!:

Winnie the Pooh cupcake toppers - Seasonal Delights

Next up will be my own daughter’s first birthday! I am tossing up whether to have a big party or keep it at home. My husband has a large family (15 aunties/uncles) so it is only when we have a big affair in a hall I can actually have all his family there.

However such a large party also means a large expense. Of course I could keep it in a hall but keep it casual – serving morning or afternoon tea rather than lunch. I have been to a few 1st birthday parties with a similar casual feel but in a hall just to accommodate larger numbers.

I have been leaning towards doing a Carousel Theme…I love this theme for a girl. I could tie it in with the idea of a 1st birthday – starting the ‘ride’ of her life etc….

While searching online I came across this amazingly beautiful Carousel Party!:


Pretty Carousel Party - On to baby blog


Talk about gorgeousness overdose! Unfortunately I won’t be having lifesized carousel horses at my daughter’s birthday unless any of you have one in your spare room to lend me =)

Also stumbled upon these amazing cupcake toppers:

Cutom carousel cupcake topper - Heads and Tales

I’ve also been trying to find a nice printable or invitation set I like for this theme. It’s a bit hard when I haven’t decided on a colour scheme yet!

Do you let the colour scheme dictate your printable? Or do you choose a printable first that you like and that sets your colour scheme?

I did stumble across this pretty invitation which caught my eye:

Carousel party invitations - Pink Frosting

The search will continue! =)

Then next up is our 5yr anniversary! How did you celebrate your 5 year anniversary?

I’m thinking – either a night or weekend away (depends on whether I’m still b/feeding my daughter who will be 13 months by then).

Another option is a celebration with our bridal party.

Or maybe we can do both? =)

Decisions, decisions!

Then finally for us will be my other daughter’s 3rd birthday!

No idea what theme I will have for her! I have to see where the year takes her and what her interests are as the year goes on =) She did receive some fairy toys for Christmas so perhaps that could lead us to a fairy related theme. Anyways I have 11 months to plan that party, so loads of time! =)

This year I’m also thinking of doing a candy buffet at one of the celebrations. I’ve only ever put together a dessert table so I thought it would be fun to try a candy buffet – perhaps at the anniversary celebration where there is more adults and I know the glass jars will be safe =)

How about you – what is on your party agenda for the year?

Would love to hear from you!



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  1. CARLA FILIPAKIS- BELLEZZA INTERIORS January 10, 2013 at 3:48 pm

    You have some wonderful inspiration to work with Tanya!! Just wonderful themes!!
    My party agenda for this year: is to host as many as possible using wondeful stylists!!
    Carla x


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