Merry Christmas!


As 2022 draws to a close and we near the beautiful season of Christmas I want to take the time to wish you and your family a joyful Christmas and an attitude of hope as you look towards 2023! From my family to yours – I really do hope this is a special time for you! My kids look so grown up now in this photo don’t they? Here they are at 12, 10, 7 and 5…..and I started this business when my eldest was just 6 months! 


This year has been huge for Life’s Little Celebrations, following the last 2 pandemic effected years! 


We ran our annual Celebrate Conference again for the first time after 3 years…



We held multiple member meetups in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane and welcomed many new members into the Celebrate Society!





We released three issues of our one of a kind online magazine filled with amazing collaborationshoots by our members





Thank you for being a part of the 2022 journey and following along – I look forward to showcasing more amazing kids party vendors and ideas into 2023! There are even bigger things coming!





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Can’t wait to tell you more!


Celebrate BONUS E-book out NOW!

To help get you all celebrating I am delighted to share this very first BONUS e-book we have released filled with SPECIALS and BONUSES from our Celebrate Society members! View it here:


This will be THE e-book you need to check out when you’re ready to plan a party for 2020/2021!! YES there are offers you can use and book in during 2020 for a party in 2021!!

We want to help make it easy for you to plan a small or medium party in the midst of this climate and our Celebrate Society members have been so generous in their offers – we hope you can support them as they support you in your party planning!

View it here:



Celebrating your child’s birthday during COVID-19

Your child’s birthday is coming up and you aren’t sure what to do due to the coronavirus situation…

Do you cancel it?

Will anyone come?

How can you make it small but special?

You have to make your own decision based on your family, but here are some ideas to help!

Party styled by Tumble Tots Party Hire Perth



1. Look at alternatives

Your child’s birthday is going to happen no matter what. Why not celebrate with a smaller home based celebration? You can still decorate, have a cake and include some special touches without it being a huge celebration.

Your child will never turn 3 again..or 4 again..or 1 again. So don’t miss the opportunity to celebrate but look into how to do it in a safe way.


2. Speak to your vendors

A lot of vendors are increasing their hygiene/cleanliness practices to ensure that their props and equipment are safe to be used.

There are entertainment businesses out there who are offering packages now for small home based parties or for those just wanting something small for a family gathering as well as ensuring their entertainers use hand sanitizer and do activities which minimise close contact between the kids.

Many are offering delivery services now as well to save you getting out and about if you wish to avoid it

So definitely speak to your vendors about options to see how they can help make your child’s celebration special even if it is on a smaller scale.

If you do decide to cancel, see if you can receive a credit for a future party rather than demand a refund as it is hard on small party businesses at this time to be refunding all cancellations and I am sure they will be happy to work with you on something for the future


3. Celebrate in a safe way

If you are going ahead with a small party, then have hand sanitiser available for your guests and their kids.

You may wish to let older members of your family or grandparents know that they are free not to come if it is will cause stress/risk being around more people/kids due to them being in the high risk category


Again – as mentioned, each family has to decide for themselves the best way to celebrate! However we definitely encourage you to think of ways you can make a small celebration still memorable for your child and if you have to cancel with some of your suppliers – look at how you can support their business in the future!

Our Directory and Blog is filled with vendors so that you can organise your kids party from home..all online, without running from shop to shop trying to find what you need! Browse it here:







2019 Highlights



As we near the end of December it is a fantastic time to say thank you and also share the highlights for me in business this year!

This year we released 3 amazing magazines and my members truly blew me away with the calibre of the shoots they coordinated! There were over 20 shoots across all the magazines which our members were able to collaborate on and which was shared not only in our magazine but also across other websites and social media!





In May of this year we held our 2nd Masterclass with Mary Ronis – due to popular demand. We had a huge attendance and the event was so valuable and with attendees still asking for more!


We followed this with a truly INCREDIBLE Celebrate Conference in August – our 3rd conference and the best one yet!



We also added many new members to the Celebrate Society and released a new launch video which was exciting to share across our platforms and helped to explain more about what we were all about!

We helped our members connect across meetups in Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Sydney throughout the year – to help build networks to grow their business.






So it truly has been a year of bringing industry vendors together  – which is the HEART of the Celebrate Society!!

We hosted many amazing online masterclasses for our members which they could participate in and had some amazing experts be our guests for these masterclasses!! We had guests in the industry such as Alisha (Sweet Bakes), Miranda (Sweet Sticks), Daniella (Buttercreme Lane) and also expert guests on topics such as Instagram, Website development, Financial goals, Outsourcing, Business goal setting and visuals for your business!

We helped our members who wanted more direction/resources by launching a membership site for our Celebrate Society members where they could easily access the resources, masterclasses and ideas for their business in one place and developed a “Celebrate path to success” for members who wanted direction for how to use the membership to progress through business stages!

We also hit 100K followers on instagram which was a huge milestone as I have grown my following all organically over the last few years so it was exciting to reach the 100K mark!

I undertook various professional development opportunities via the TRIBE course with Stu Mclaren for membership site owners and the Brand Builders Academy course with Suzanne Chadwick – all helping me to build and run a better business for my members. I also took on one of my long time members – Shell Parker – as our Community Manager, and she along with our state member rep’s helped to build our member community.

Seeing my members connect and collaborate…and what eventuates from these connections – is what I really am most proud of and have loved seeing throughout 2019!

It has definitely been a huge year of growth and exposure for the Celebrate Society and I cannot thank my Celebrate Society members enough for their involvement, support, and helping to build a unique and positive industry community!

What is coming up in 2020? We will be hosting another amazing Celebrate conference as well as bringing a taste of our Celebrate events to Melbourne! We will continue to release our magazines and encourage collaborations amongst our members as well as host our member networking events. There may be another BIG change coming to be announced early in the new year also! Ensure you’re following us on instagram to be notified. If you’re wanting to join the Celebrate Society doors will be opening around Feb/March 2020 for a short time.

Thank you for being a part of our year and following along and I hope you all have a beautiful and blessed Christmas time and joy-filled 2020!




Rebrand photoshoot with Hipster Mum

Although it has been 9 months since this shoot I realised I had not shared it on the blog yet. I wanted a new shoot done to use when relaunching our membership to “The Celebrate Society” with a new logo/look and focus.

I really think that visuals are so important in the event industry and as a business owner it is key to have some beautiful images you can use for your business which are personal and represent your brand!

Jade Warne of Hipster Mum creates absolutely amazing photoshoots which take the typical “head shot” to a whole new level! I knew she was the right one for the style of shoot I needed and I cannot recommend her enough!


The investment was definitely worth it as Jade worked closely with me BEFORE the shoot on the types of images I wanted, props, lighting, the look and feel etc.

She then helped so much on the actual day with directing me and coming up with a range of different photo ideas so I could walk away with a RANGE of images to use for different purposes!





I could not have been happier with the images! They blew me away and I would HIGHLY recommend Hipster Mum for ANY branding shoot whether you’re wanting photos of yourself and/or your products.

She KNOWS what visuals work and capture your brand best and works closely with you to ensure you achieve the photos you are after!

She made me completely at ease, made the whole process fun and was a true professional! 

View her services and work here:

Thank you also to these vendors for their contributions:

Cake – Copper and Cocoa

Cake topper – Alison Caroline Designs

Balloons – Party Splendour

Cookies – Little Biskut

Paper florals for flatlays – Hanging Pretty

Fudge pops and cupcakes – Delleicious by Elle