How Sweet it is to be loved by You….Valentines Day

We never make a HUGE deal for Valentines day around here but this year I thought it would be nice just to invite a few close friends and their kids for a little morning tea.

This little table was meant to celebrate the love between mothers & their children so I popped on one of my Willow Tree mother & child ornaments, along with a sign I made to go along with this theme.

I mainly used things I already had around the house and from previous parties and kept things quite simple and stress free.

The only things I bought were a few cute valentines goodies from Occasion by Design and I ordered the ultra sweet cookies from Cakes By Sharon


A little sign I made up…definitely feel this way about my kids (even if one is going through the “terrible twos”!)

These cookies were delicious!

Cake cut into heart shapes and toppers from Occasion by Design. Funny how a cute topper can really dress up something so simple!

Fruit in sweet wrappers from Occasion by Design. I managed to get my daughter to actually eat more fruit today by telling her it was “cupcake fruit”!

My SIL gave me a heart shaped muffin pan last year. So I used it to make these delicious savoury muffins:

Hope you had a sweet Valentines Day as well!

2 Comments to “How Sweet it is to be loved by You….Valentines Day”

  1. Peta February 15, 2013 at 10:33 am

    That is adorable! We don’t usually make a big deal about V’day either. But this year I included my children in it. I bought some heart shaped chocolates and made a trail from their bedrooms to the breakfast table. I had prepared heart shaped pancakes for breakfast. I laid the table with scrapbooking paper placemats and wrote a little message to each of the kids about the things I love about them. I bought a couple of inexpensive sticker books (the ones with the multiple pages of the same sticker) and then they took them to school to share out with their classmates. Very sweet day. My daughter said it was “the best day ever!”

    • Tanya - Life's Little Celebrations February 15, 2013 at 10:13 pm

      Wow Peta that sounds like such a fantastic day for the kids! How exciting for them to follow a trail of heart chocolates to a gorgeous brekkie! I’m sure they felt very loved!!


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